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Welcome to Better Man

Better Man helps you reflect on your relationship to support you to make positive changes.

This may be through learning better communication strategies, thinking about what is important to you, and reflecting on negative and positive aspects of your current or recent relationship.

The fact that you are here shows that you know something is wrong.

You may not know exactly what needs to change but you may feel…

Confused about what your partner wants

More angry or frustrated than you used to be

Worried that your partner is going to leave

Concerned your behaviour is harming your children or partner

While external things might influence your situation, Better Man supports you to focus on what you can control and change in your relationships.

Better Man is composed of three topics:

Better Communication

Better Values

Better Relationships

Some of the material is for men who have children. Please answer the question below, so that you only receive relevant information.

Do you have any dependent children or stepchildren under the age of 18?

Better Man is an initiative by The University of Melbourne.